Tennessee Smart Yards Native Plants

A comprehensive database of Tennessee native plants

Yellow Jessamine, Carolina Jessamine, Everlasting Trumpetflower, Yellow Jessamine

Yellow Jessamine, Carolina Jessamine, Everlasting Trumpetflower, Yellow Jessamine

Gelsemium sempervirens

Full to part sun; medium to moderately dry moisture level; prefers humus-rich soil but is quite adaptable to sandy, sandy loam, medium loam, clay loam and clay soils; pH adaptable

3-20 feet height depending on support; blooms in April; bright yellow, tubular, fragrant flowers; fruit capsules contain winged seeds.

Growth Rate:  Medium to fast

Maintenance:  Tough and adaptable. No serious disease or insect problems.  Prune in early spring to maintain shape.  Fertilize 2-3 times during the growing season with rose food.

Propagation:  Seed germination code ?. Easy from cuttings or seed.

Native Region:  Only in 4 counties – Hamilton, Marion, Bledsoe and Rhea

Designated a “Special Concern” species in Tennessee.  Twining, semi-evergreen, showy vine with thin, wiry stems.  Lustrous dark green foliage that develops a slight yellow or purple cast in winter.  Will climb trees, scramble over fences or structures, or can use as a groundcover by just letting the vine trail over the ground or a wall.  Best flowering occurs in full sun but will grow and flower in shade.  Leaves, flowers and roots are poisonous.  Cultivars available.  Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.


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