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Netted Chain Fern, Netted Chainfern

Netted Chain Fern, Netted Chainfern

Woodwardia areolata

1½-2 feet tall by 1-1½ spread. Part shade to full shade and tolerates heavy shade; wet to medium moisture level; organically rich soil; strongly to moderately acid pH.

Maintenance: Low

Growth/Colonizing Habit: Spreads by branching and creeping rhizomes and will naturalize over time into somewhat weedy colonies if preferred growing conditions are provided.

Foliage: Deciduous

Native Region: Statewide but concentrated primarily in Coastal Plain, Highland Rim of Interior Low Plateau and in Blue Ridge provinces

Reddish green foliage when young and matures to a deep, glossy green. Produces both individual sterile fronds, which are broad, and fertile fronds which are narrow.   Net-like veining of the leaf accounts for its common name. Occurs naturally in woodland swamps and bogs.


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