Tennessee Smart Yards Native Plants

A comprehensive database of Tennessee native plants

Green Hawthorn

Green Hawthorn

Crataegus viridis

Full sun; medium to moderately dry moisture level; tolerates a wide range of soils including sandy, sandy loam, medium loam, clay loam and clay; pH adaptable.

20-35 feet height by 20-35 feet spread; white flowers born in 2 inch, flat-topped clusters in spring; large clusters of bright red fruit, ¼ – 1/3 inch in diameter, in fall.

Growth Rate: Slow to medium. Thicket-forming but full sun and fertile loam soil may reduce tendency to spread.

Maintenance: Less susceptible to rust than other hawthorns

Propagation: Moderately difficult from seed

Native Region: Primarily West Tennessee and lightly elsewhere

Rounded, sharply thorny, spreading dense tree. One of the best hawthorns for fruiting effect and one of the best native hawthorns for gardens with its large fruit, scarlet-orange fall color, exfoliating bark and above average disease resistance. Easy to grow. Edible fruits but best left for the birds although fruits can be harvested to make jelly. Tolerates light shade and drought. Cultivar ‘Winter King’ is widely sold in the nursery trade and is more disease-resistant with more flowers and larger fruits.

Attracts birds, mammals, bees and butterflies. Provides good nesting cover for birds. Larval host for a number of hairstreak butterflies.

tree;sun;medium;clay tree;sun;medium;loam tree;sun;medium;sand tree;sun;dry;clay tree;sun;dry;loam tree;sun;dry;sand

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