Tennessee Smart Yards Native Plants

A comprehensive database of Tennessee native plants

Loblolly Pine, Old Field Pine, Bull Pine, Rosemary Pine

Loblolly Pine, Old Field Pine, Bull Pine, Rosemary Pine

Pinus taeda

Full sun; wet to moderately dry moisture level; prefers sandy loam or medium loam but will grow in gravelly and heavy clay soils; acidic pH.

40-90 feet height by 20-40 feet spread; very inconspicuous red to yellow male flowers and yellow to purple female flowers in spring; rusty brown cones, 3-6 inches long, in groups of 2-5 in early fall.

Growth Rate: Fast; one of the fastest growing southern pines.

Maintenance: Low maintenance with no particularly serious pest or disease problems. Can be infected with rust which produces prominent, enlarged areas on twigs, branches and trunk.

Propagation: Seed germination code A

Native Region: Scattered statewide in isolated clusters of counties

Large, resinous and fragrant evergreen tree with rounded crown of spreading branches. Loblolly means mud puddle, where these pines often grow; Bull Pine refers to its giant size; and Rosemary Pine refers to the fragrant, resinous foliage. Not a graceful pine but very adaptable to soil types and extremes so is a valuable pine where other species do not thrive. Particularly noted for its straight trunk. Performs best in climates with hot, humid summers. Excellent tree for low, moist areas with poor drainage. Colonizes highway cuts, banks, ditches, open grassy fields and abandoned agricultural fields. One of the leading commercial timber species. Cultivars available.

Provides cover and nesting sites for birds. Some birds and small mammals eat the seed. Attracts butterflies. Larval host for Elfin butterfly.


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