Tennessee Smart Yards Native Plants

A comprehensive database of Tennessee native plants

Carolina Rose, Pasture Rose

Carolina Rose, Pasture Rose

Rosa carolina

Full sun to light shade; moderately wet to dry moisture level; grows in infertile sands and gravels, sandy or gravelly loams and clay soils; slightly acid to slightly alkaline pH.

2-3 feet height by 3-4 feet spread; blooms May to July; pink flowers; bright red hips or berries in August which persist through winter.

Growth Rate:  Fast, suckering to form dense thickets

Maintenance:  Occasional disease and insect problems, susceptible to fungal problems.

Propagation:  Seed germination codes C(60), H, F.  Moderately easy from seed and moderately difficult from cuttings.

Native Region:  Statewide

One of the more attractive wild roses, with glossy dark green leaves and deep crimson rose hips. Leaves turn yellow, orange and red in fall.  Flowers and fruits are edible for both humans and wildlife.  Densely armed with thorns. Forms broad, leggy thickets.   One of the most shade-tolerant roses but grows best in open, sunny locations.  Attracts birds and bees.

shrub;sun;wet;clay shrub;sun;wet;loam shrub;sun;wet;sand shrub;sun;wet;rocky shrub;sun;medium;clay shrub;sun;medium;loam shrub;sun;medium;sand shrub;sun;medium;rocky shrub;sun;dry;clay shrub;sun;dry;loam shrub;sun;dry;sand shrub;sun;dry;rocky shrub;sun/shade;wet;clay shrub;sun/shade;wet;loam shrub;sun/shade;wet;sand shrub;sun/shade;wet;rocky shrub;sun/shade;medium;clay shrub;sun/shade;medium;loam shrub;sun/shade;medium;sand shrub;sun/shade;medium;rocky shrub;sun/shade;dry;clay shrub;sun/shade;dry;loam shrub;sun/shade;dry;sand shrub;sun/shade;dry;rocky shrub;shade;wet;clay shrub;shade;wet;loam shrub;shade;wet;sand shrub;shade;wet;rocky shrub;shade;medium;clay shrub;shade;medium;loam shrub;shade;medium;sand shrub;shade;medium;rocky shrub;shade;dry;clay shrub;shade;dry;loam shrub;shade;dry;sand shrub;shade;dry;rocky

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