Tennessee Smart Yards Native Plants

A comprehensive database of Tennessee native plants

Muscadine Grape

Muscadine Grape

Vitis rotundifolia

Full to part sun; medium to moderately dry moisture level; rich loamy soil; ? pH.

Can reach in excess of 90 feet height; blooms in June; greenish white flowers; ¾ inch, shiny, purple-black to bronze berries ripen in September and October.

Growth Rate:  Fast

Maintenance:  Does best with plenty of organic mulch.  Any pruning best done in winter when plants are dormant; otherwise they bleed profusely (however it is not fatal).

Propagation:  Easy to propagate by layering or from cuttings of soft wood

Native Region:  Statewide

Vigorous vine that climbs by tendrils that wrap tightly around anything they can reach.   Does not have exfoliating bark like the River Grape.  Grapes (technically berries) have a soft, musky flavored pulp and make good jelly.  Cultivars are available with fruit nearly twice as large.  Fruit attracts wide variety of birds and mammals.


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