Tennessee Smart Yards Native Plants

A comprehensive database of Tennessee native plants

Wild Strawberry, Virginia Strawberry

Wild Strawberry, Virginia Strawberry 

Fragaria virginiana

Full sun to full shade, moderately wet to dry moisture level, tolerant of a range of soils, slightly acid to circumneutral pH.  3-6 inches height, blooms in spring, white flowers, spreads very rapidly by runners.

Germination Code:  A

Native Region:  Middle and East Tennessee

Red, egg-shaped fruit that is very sweet but smaller than the cultivated strawberries. Produces little fruit in full shade. Can be weedy and invasive, especially in full sun with plenty of water. Attracts butterflies.

flower;sun;wet;clay flower;sun;wet;loam flower;sun;wet;sand flower;sun;medium;clay flower;sun;medium;loam flower;sun;medium;sand flower;sun;dry;clay flower;sun;dry;loam flower;sun;dry;sand flower;sun/shade;wet;clay flower;sun/shade;wet;loam flower;sun/shade;wet;sand flower;sun/shade;medium;clay flower;sun/shade;medium;loam flower;sun/shade;medium;sand flower;sun/shade;dry;clay flower;sun/shade;dry;loam flower;sun/shade;dry;sand flower;shade;wet;clay flower;shade;wet;loam flower;shade;wet;sand flower;shade;medium;clay flower;shade;medium;loam flower;shade;medium;sand flower;shade;dry;clay flower;shade;dry;loam flower;shade;dry;sand



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