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Virginia Pine, Scrub Pine, Spruce Pine, Poverty Pine, Jersey Pine

Virginia Pine, Scrub Pine, Spruce Pine, Poverty Pine, Jersey Pine

Pinus virginiana

Full sun; medium to dry moisture level; does well in poor soils including clay, clay loam or sandy loam; acidic pH.

15-40 feet height by 10-30 feet spread; very inconspicuous yellow male flowers and yellow to red female flowers in spring; prickly cones, 1 ½-3 inches long, in groups of 2-4 in fall.

Growth Rate: Slow to medium

Maintenance: ?

Propagation: Seed germination code A

Native Region: Interior Low Plateaus, Ridge and Valley and Blue Ridge provinces

A broad, open, pyramidal shaped evergreen which becomes flat-topped with age and ultimately straggling and scrubby with long-outstretched branches. Not very ornamental but valuable cover for dry, barren soils. Best feature is its ability to grow on heavy clay. Native to areas of poor, light soil in mountains and old fields. Does not tolerate shade cast by neighboring trees. Used principally for pulpwood and lumber. Cultivars available.

Attracts birds and butterflies. Larval host for Eastern Pine Elfin butterfly.




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