Tennessee Smart Yards Native Plants

A comprehensive database of Tennessee native plants

Parlin’s Pussytoes, Smooth Pussytoes, Big Head Pussytoes, Ladies’ Tobacco

Parlin’s Pussytoes, Smooth Pussytoes, Big Head Pussytoes, Ladies’ Tobacco

Antennaria parlinii

Full sun to light shade, medium to dry moisture level, rocky soil, acidic pH. 4-10 inches height, blooms in spring, cream-colored flowers

Germination Code: ?

Native Region: Present in Tennessee but locations not mapped

Uncommon plant that forms a short, spreading groundcover with silvery green foliage that resembles toes on cat’s feet. Blooms are a soft white with slightly hairy or fuzzy appearance. Flower heads are in tight clusters at tips of the stalks. Good plant for rock gardens. Occurs naturally on dry, rocky, often wooded slopes, medium to dry upland forests, upland prairies, savannas, ledges, tops of bluffs as well as in glades, ditches, and on banks of streams and rivers. Its presence is an indicator of acid soils. Attracts butterflies.


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