Tennessee Smart Yards Native Plants

A comprehensive database of Tennessee native plants

Climbing Hydrangea, Wild Hydrangeavine, Wood Vamp

Climbing Hydrangea, Wild Hydrangeavine, Wood Vamp

Decumaria barbara

Part to light shade; moderately wet to medium moisture level; humus-rich soil; slightly acid pH.

10-30 feet height, depending on support, by 3-8 feet width; blooms in May and June; white flowers; ribbed, urn-shaped seed capsules that last through October.

Growth Rate:  Fast

Maintenance:  Easy to grow.  Amazingly free of pests.  Prospers with even moisture.

Propagation:  Seed germination code A.  Easy from cuttings, layers and seeds.  Can take many years to bloom when started from seed.

Native Region:  Southern counties of West and Middle Tennessee, southern Unaka Mountains

Closely related to hydrangeas and has attractive deep green, glossy, oval leaves that narrow to a pointed tip. Flowers are fragrant, soft and puffy looking but not terribly showy. Vigorous vine that climbs by aerial rootlets.  Native to low woods, swamps and river banks, especially in areas that are periodically flooded.  Even though it can be used as either a trailing groundcover or a climber, it will only bloom when climbing and only blooms on new wood.  Too vigorous to mix with other groundcovers or herbaceous plants.  Cultivars available.


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