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Seersucker Sedge, Plantainleaf Sedge

Seersucker Sedge, Plantainleaf Sedge

Carex plantaginea

Light to medium shade, medium to moderately dry moisture level, rich soil with organic matter, tolerant of a range of pH.  8 – 10 inches height, spreads by re-seeding at a slow to medium fast rate.

Germination Code:  ?

Native Region:  Eastern half of the state

Cool season.  Delightful, clumping evergreen sedge best suited for shady woodlands.  Showy foliage provides a unique texture.  Has broad puckered leaves, up to 1 inch across, and tinged with red-purple at the base and on the sheaths.  Makes a good groundcover.  Tolerates a dry sandy site but will not spread as freely.  Prefers the same types of habitats as ferns and often found near ferns.


One response to “Seersucker Sedge, Plantainleaf Sedge

  1. Nina Hedrick November 10, 2015 at 11:56 pm

    I learned about this plant by growing it in a wooded section of Warriors’ Path State Park in East TN as part of a Master Gardener Project, We planted small groups of 38 different plant species native to our area along a cement path through the woodland area of the Park Playground. We labelled them, so walkers would be able to learn the names as they strolled through the woods. After watching the Seersucker Sedges, with their puckered leaves, spread slowly, but beautifully, over a 3 year period I had to purchase some plants for my own garden at home. They’re lovely.

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