Tennessee Smart Yards Native Plants

A comprehensive database of Tennessee native plants

Canadian Serviceberry, Shadbush Serviceberry, Juneberry

Canadian Serviceberry, Shadbush Serviceberry, Juneberry

Amelanchier canadensis

Full sun to light shade; wet to moderately dry moisture level; adapted to a wide range of soils including clay; moderately acid to neutral pH.

10-20 feet height by 5-10 feet spread; blooms in spring; white flowers; red to purple fruit ripening in June.

Growth Rate:  Moderate

Maintenance:  Easy to grow.  Infrequent insect and disease problems.

Propagation:  Seed germination code C (90-120).  Moderately difficult to root from cuttings.

Native Region:  Occurs in 12 counties and is concentrated mostly in the Ridge and Valley and the Blue Ridge provinces.

This species is a small, understory tree or large, multi-trunked shrub.  It has fragrant flowers and showy, edible fruit that can be used in jams and jellies.  Is typically found in swamps and low woods in the wild but is adaptable to cultivation.  Has a high wildlife value and is an important food source for birds.  Also attracts bees.

It is often confused with Amelanchier arborea; the nursery trade uses A. canadensis and A. arborea labels interchangeably.  A. canadensis is a suckering shrub with upright stems occurring in bogs and swamps.

shrub;sun;wet;clay shrub;sun;wet;loam shrub;sun;wet;sand shrub;sun;medium;clay shrub;sun;medium;loam shrub;sun;medium;sand shrub;sun;dry;clay shrub;sun;dry;loam shrub;sun;dry;sand shrub;sun/shade;wet;clay shrub;sun/shade;wet;loam shrub;sun/shade;wet;sand shrub;sun/shade;medium;clay shrub;sun/shade;medium;loam shrub;sun/shade;medium;sand shrub;sun/shade;dry;clay shrub;sun/shade;dry;loam shrub;sun/shade;dry;sand shrub;shade;wet;clay shrub;shade;wet;loam shrub;shade;wet;sand shrub;shade;medium;clay shrub;shade;medium;loam shrub;shade;medium;sand shrub;shade;dry;clay shrub;shade;dry;loam shrub;shade;dry;sand

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