Tennessee Smart Yards Native Plants

A comprehensive database of Tennessee native plants

Western Wheatgrass

Western Wheatgrass

Pascopyrum smithii (Agropyron smithii)

Full sun, moderately dry to dry moisture level, all soils except rocky, very strongly acid to strongly alkaline pH.  15-30 inches height, blooms mid-summer, yellow flowers, spreads rapidly by rhizomes and slowly by re-seeding.

Germination Code:  A.  Seeds have poor germination rate.

Native Region:  ?.  Tennessee is on the far eastern boundary of its range.

Cool season, sod-forming grass which is very aggressive.    Often found in the wild in areas of poor drainage and high levels of moisture where it can become aggressive and crowd out neighboring plants.  Do not use it in a wild flower meadow because it will not allow room for other plants. Best used for erosion control.   High drought tolerance.  Entire plant is often covered with a white coating which gives a silvery cast to the narrow, blue-green leaves.


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