Tennessee Smart Yards Native Plants

A comprehensive database of Tennessee native plants

Turk’s Cap Lily

Turk’s Cap Lily

Lilium superbum

Part sun, moderately wet to medium moisture level, deep rich soil, moderately acid to neutral pH.  3-9 ft. height, blooms in summer, reddish orange flowers, spreads by stolons and will naturalize under optimum growing conditions.

Germination Code:  E.  Requires several years to flower from seed.

Native Region:  Blue Ridge Province

Tallest of the native American lilies.  Can be difficult to grow unless conditions are ideal.  Mulch to help keep root zone cool in summer.  A spectacular and desirable lily to have if you can meet its needs.  Attracts hummingbirds.


One response to “Turk’s Cap Lily

  1. joystewart December 22, 2014 at 7:56 pm

    This is one of my “dream flowers.” It is a gorgeous plant and at 6 feet tall, stops you dead in your tracks when you see it. I used to grow it in Wisconsin in the days when I lived there and could find a supplier easily. I had great success in average garden loam with average moisture even though it is generally a wetland plant. Now that I am in Tennessee and have heavy clay and my supplier no longer carries established, well rooted plants, I have had to give it up. :( If you have a decent loamy soil that isn’t too dry, don’t be afraid to try this one. If I recall correctly, it takes up to 4 years to get from a little rooted seedling to a blooming plant, so be careful to buy established plants if you can find them.

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