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Slender Mountain Mint, Narrowleaf Mountainmint

Slender Mountain Mint, Narrowleaf Mountainmint

Pycnanthemum tenuifolium

Full to part sun, moderately wet to moderately dry moisture level, tolerates a wide range of soils including clay, moderately acid to neutral pH.  18-30 inches height, blooms in summer, white flowers, spreads by rhizomes and re-seeding.

Germination Code:  A, D.  Very small seeds at 378,000 per ounce.

Native Region:  Statewide

“Mountain” is a bit of a misnomer since the plant typically grows in the wild in dry woods, dry prairies and along roadsides.  All parts of the plant emit a strong aroma of mint when crushed.  Dried leaves can be used as a flavoring and in tea.  Attractive flowers.  Easy to grow.  Vigorous and sometimes aggressive grower.  Attracts birds, butterflies and bees.


One response to “Slender Mountain Mint, Narrowleaf Mountainmint

  1. joystewart October 27, 2014 at 6:16 pm

    When I first selected this plant for my native gardens, I specifically picked it because it was the only Pycnanthemum species in the seed catalog that was not listed as aggressive. So I figured it should be safe since most of the Mountain Mints are very aggressive. The first 3 years were just fine and it mixed nicely with other plant species. On the 4th year, I suddenly noticed that my whole meadow planting is mostly Slender Mountain Mint. I have a beautiful small field of it, which is striking when it is in bloom, but definitely not what I had in mind. It may not be aggressive in the short run but it surely is in the long-run. Had I known, I would have really scaled back on the amount of seed that I used. However, I imagine that this meadow will keep on changing over time and it will be interesting to see what this plant does in the future.

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