Tennessee Smart Yards Native Plants

A comprehensive database of Tennessee native plants

False Dragonhead, Obedient Plant

False Dragonhead, Obedient Plant

Physostegia virginiana

Full to part sun, wet to medium moisture level, average soil, moderately acid to neutral pH.  3-4 ft. height, blooms summer into fall, pink/white/purple flowers, spreads aggressively by rhizomes.

Germination Code:  C(60)

Native Region:  Scattered lightly statewide but mainly in Ridge and Valley Province

The “Obedient Plant” name comes from being able to turn the individual flower to different positions on the stalk and have it remain in place for some time.  Showy flowers attract a wide range of pollinators.  Excellent plant for naturalizing but needs to be watched for aggressive spread.  Shallow roots are easy to pull out to keep plant in check.  May need staking, especially if grown in fertile soil.  As a member of the mint family, plants are not attractive to deer or rabbits but are very attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies.



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