Tennessee Smart Yards Native Plants

A comprehensive database of Tennessee native plants

Scientific Name

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THUMB_Tag_Smooth_Alder_Alnus_serrulata_4_John_Hilty Alnus serrulata  Tag, Smooth or Common Alder
Amorpha fruticosa  False Indigo Bush, False Indigo
Callicarpa americana Callicarpa americana  Beautyberry
THUMB_Sweetshrub_Calycanthus_floridus_WIKI_Ulf Eliasson Calycanthus floridus  Sweetshrub, Carolina Allspice, Sweet Betsy
THUMB_Ceanothus-americanus-New-Jersey-Tea-plant_Prairie_moon Ceanothus americanus  New Jersey Tea
Cephalanthus occidentalis  Buttonbush
Clethra acuminata  Cinnamon Clethra, Mountain Pepperbush
Clethra alnifolia  Sweet Pepperbush, Summersweet, Coastal Sweet Pepperbush
THUMB_Cumberland_rosemary_Conradina_verticillata_WIKI Conradina verticillata  Cumberland Rosemary
Cornus amomum  Silky Dogwood
THUMB_Stiff_Dogwood_Cornus_foemina_John_Hilty Cornus foemina (Cornus stricta)  Stiff Dogwood, Swamp Dogwood, English Dogwood, Stiff Cornel
Corylus americana  American Filbert, Hazelnut
THUMB_Beaked_Hazelnut_Corylus_cornuta,_wings_WIKI Corylus cornuta  Beaked Hazelnut
THUMB_Diervilla lonicera flowers leaves PM Diervilla lonicera Northern Bush Honeysuckle, Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle
THUMB_Diervilla sessilifolia leaves flowers LBJ Diervilla sessilifolia Southern Bush Honeysuckle
THUMB_Dirca palustris flowers LBJ Dirca palustris Leatherwood
THUMB_Euonymus americanus berries W Euonymus americanus Strawberry Bush, Heart’s-a-bustin, Bursting-Heart
THUMB_Forestiera acuminata flowers SEF Forestiera acuminata Swamp Privet, Eastern Swampprivet
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Fothergilla major Large Fothergilla, Mountain Witch-alder
THUMB_Frangula caroliniana berries LBJ Frangula caroliniana (Rhamnus caroliniana) Carolina Buckthorn, Carolina False Buckthorn, Indian Cherry
THUMB_Hydrangea arborescens flowers leaves2 LBJ Hydrangea arborescens Smooth Hydrangea, Wild Hydrangea
THUMB_Hydrangea quercifolia flowers SEF Hydrangea quercifolia Oak-leaf Hydrangea
THUMB_Hypericum_densiflorum_RHW Hypericum densiflorum Dense St. John’s-wort, Bushy St. Johnswort
THUMB_Hypericum frondosm2 LBJ Hypericum frondosum Golden St. John’s-wort
THUMB_Hypericum prolificum PM Hypericum proflificum Shrubby St. John’s-wort
THUMB_Ilex verticillata leaves flowers SEF Ilex verticillata Winterberry
THUMB_Itea virginica flowers SEF Itea virginica Virginia Sweetspire, Virginia Willow
THUMB_Kalmia latifolia flowers W Kalmia latifolia Mountain Laurel
THUMB_Leucothoe fontanesiana flowers leaves LBJ Leucothoe fontanesiana Drooping Laurel, Doghobble, Dog-laurel, Fetterbush
THUMB_Lindera benzoin flowers SEF Lindera benzoin Spicebush, Common Spicebush
THUMB_Neviusia alabamensis flower closeup SEF Neviusia alabamensis Alabama Snow-wreath, Neviusia, Alabama Snow Wreath
THUMB_Philadelphus hirsutus flower SEF Philadelphus hirsutus Hairy Mock-orange, Cumberland Mock-orange, Streambank Mockorange
THUMB_Black_Chokeberries_Photinia_melanocarpa_WIKI_Mrigashirsha Photinia melanocarpa (Aronia melanocarpa, Pyrus melanocarpa) Black Chokeberry
THUMB_Red_Chokeberry_Photinia_pyrifolia_WIKI Photinia pyrifolia (Aronia arbutifolia, Pyrus arbutifolia) Red Chokeberry
THUMB_Physocarpus opulifolis flowers leaves PM Physocarpus opulifolius Ninebark, Common Ninebark
THUMB_Pieris floribunda W Pieris floribunda Mountain Pieris, Fetter Bush
THUMB_Rhododendron alabamense flowers2 SEF Rhododendron alabamense Alabama Azalea
THUMB_Rhododendron arborescens flower LBJ Rhododendron arborescens Sweet Azalea, Smooth Azalea
THUMB_Rhododendron calendulaceum flowers leaves SEF Rhododendron calendulaceum Flame Azalea
THUMB_Rhododendron canescens flower SEF Rhododendron canescens Piedmont Azalea
THUMB_Rhododendron catawbiense flowers leaves Rhododendron catawbiense Catawba Rhododendron, Catawba Rosebay, Red Laurel, Early Azalea
THUMB_Rhododendron minus flowers leaves LBJ Rhododendron minus Carolina Rhododendron, Carolina Laurel, Piedmont Rhododendron
THUMB_Rhododendron periclymenoides flowers LBJ Rhododendron periclymenoides (R. nudiflorum) Pinxterbloom Azalea
THUMB_Rhododendron prinophyllum flower LBJ Rhododendron prinophyllum  (R. roseum; R. nudiflorum) Roseshell Azalea
THUMB_Rhododendron viscosum flowers leaves LBJ Rhododendron viscosum Swamp Azalea
THUMB_Rhus aromatica leaves berries PM Rhus aromatica Fragrant Sumac, Lemon Sumac, Polecat Bush
THUMB_Rhus copallinum leaves berries LBJ Rhus copallinum (R. copallina) Shining Sumac, Winged Sumac, Dwarf Sumac
THUMB_Rhus glabra leaves berries W Rhus glabra Smooth Sumac, Scarlet Sumac
THUMB_Ribes aureum leaves flowers LBJ Ribes aureum Golden Currant
THUMB_Rosa carolina flowers leaves PM Rosa carolina Carolina Rose, Pasture Rose
THUMB_Rosa palustris flowers leaves PM Rosa palustris Swamp Rose
THUMB_Rosa setigera flowers leaves PM Rosa setigera Prairie Rose, Illinois Rose, Climbing Prairie Rose
THUMB_Rosa virginiana flowers leaves W Rosa virginiana Virginia Rose, Pasture Rose, Wild Rose
THUMB_Rubus flagellaris flowers JH Rubus flagellaris Northern Dewberry, Prickly Dewberry
THUMB_Rubus occidentalis flowers leaves JH Rubus occidentalis Blackcap Raspberry, Tall Blackberry, Black Raspberry
THUMB_Rubus odoratus flower berries LBJ Rubus odoratus Purpleflowering Raspberry, Flowering Raspberry, Fragrant Thimbleberry
THUMB_Salix exigua leaves flower W Salix exigua Sandbar Willow, Narrowleaf Willow, Coyote Willow
THUMB_Salix humilis flowers LBJ Salix humilis Prairie Willow, Dwarf Willow
THUMB_Salix sericea flowers LBJ Salix sericea Silky Willow
THUMB_Sambucus nigra ssp canadensis flowers LBJ Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis (Sambucus canadensis) Elderberry, Common Elder, American Elder
THUMB_Sambucus racemosa leaves berries W Sambucus racemosa (Sambucus pubens) Scarlet Elder, Red-berried Elderberry, Red Elderberry
THUMB_Spirea tomentosa leaves flowers PM Spirea tomentosa Hardhack Steeplebush
THUMB_Staphylea trifolia fruits PM Staphylea trifolia American Bladdernut
THUMB_Stewartia ovata leaves flower LBJ Stewartia ovata Mountain Camellia, Mountain Stewartia
THUMB_Styrax americanus leaves flowers LBJ Styrax americanus American Snowball
THUMB_Styrax grandifolius flowers SEF Styrax grandifolius Bigleaf Snowbell
THUMB_Symphoricarpos orbiculatus berries LBJ Symphoricarpos orbiculatus Coralberry, Indian Currant
THUMB_Vaccinium arboreum leaves berries LBJ Vaccinium arboreum Farkleberry, Sparkleberry
THUMB_Vaccinium corymbosum flowers leaves LBJ Vaccinium corymbosum Highbush Blueberry
THUMB_Vaccinium pallidum flowers JH Vaccinium pallidum (Vaccinium vacillans) Late Lowbush Blueberry, Blue Ridge Blueberry, Hillside Blueberry
THUMB_Vaccinium stamineum flowers SEF Vaccinium stamineum Deerberry
THUMB_Viburnum acerifolium flowers SEF Viburnum acerifolium Mapleleaf Viburnum
THUMB_Viburnum dentatum flowers SEF Viburnum dentatum Arrowwood, Southern Arrowwood
THUMB_Viburnum lantanoides leaves flowers SEF Viburnum lantanoides (Viburnum alnifolium) Hobblebush Viburnum
THUMB_Viburnum nudum var cassinoides flower leaves LBJ Viburnum nudum var. cassinoides (Viburnum cassinoides) Northern Witherod, Withe-rod
THUMB_Viburnum nudem_var_nudem_ leaves flowers SEF Viburnum nudum var. nudum Witherod, Possum Haw, Southern Witherod
THUMB_Viburnum prunifolium flowers PM Viburnum prunifolium Black Haw, Blackhaw Viburnum
THUMB_Xanthorhiza simplicissima flowers W Xanthorhiza simplicissima Yellowroot
THUMB_Yucca filamentosa flowers leaves W Yucca filamentosa Adamsneedle Yucca

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