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Alabama Snow-wreath, Neviusia, Alabama Snow Wreath

Alabama Snow-wreath, Neviusia, Alabama Snow Wreath

Neviusia alabamensis

Full to part sun; medium moisture level; rich, loamy soil; circumneutral pH.

3-6 feet height by 3-6 feet spread; blooms in spring; white flowers; inconspicuous drupe-like fruits that mature in early fall.

Growth Rate:  Moderate.  Will sucker to form colonies.  Under ideal conditions, it can produce dense thickets up to several yards across.

Maintenance:  Low maintenance.  No serious disease or insect problems.  Prune after flowering to promote increased flowering in the following year.  Remove root suckers to prevent any unwanted spread.

Propagation:  Seeds have poor germination rates.  Roots easily from softwood cuttings and can be divided.

Native Region:  Only occurs in 5 counties – Lincoln, Franklin, Rutherford, Meigs, and Monroe

Designated a “Threatened Species” in Tennessee.  Plant is quite rare throughout its range.  Very attractive shrub with feathery flowers and elegant arching habit.  “Undeservedly obscure in American horticulture today” according to Horticulture Magazine.  Flowers do not have petals but rather showy, feathery stamens.  Bark is orange-brown in color and exfoliates.  Can be used in rain gardens.


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