Tennessee Smart Yards Native Plants

A comprehensive database of Tennessee native plants

Round-headed Bush Clover

Round-headed Bush Clover 

Lespedeza capitata

Full to part sun, medium to dry moisture level, tolerant of most soils except clay and prefers infertile sandy soil, moderately acid to alkaline pH.  2-4 ft. height, blooms late summer into early fall, green or white flowers, spreads by rhizomes and spreads slowly by re-seeding.

Germination Code:  C(10), I, J

Native Region:  Statewide except absent in the Coastal Plain Province

Legume.  Easy to grow.  Attracts birds; seeds are important food for Bobwhite Quail.  Because plant is high in protein and tasty, many mammalian herbivores eat the plant during different stages of growth (including deer, rabbits, groundhogs and livestock) which may interfere with getting the plant established.  Also attracts bees and butterflies.


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