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Evergreen Woodfern, Common Woodfern, Intermediate Woodfern

Evergreen Woodfern, Common Woodfern, Intermediate Woodfern

Dryopteris intermedia

1-3 feet tall by 1-3 feet spread. Part shade to light shade but will tolerate deep shade; medium moisture level; prefers rich organic soil or rocky soil if its moisture requirement is met; neutral to slightly alkaline pH.

Maintenance: Low. Can be propagated by dividing clumps in fall or spring.

Growth/Colonizing Habit: Does not spread quickly.

Foliage: Evergreen to semi-evergreen. However, sometimes foliage will die back in winter.

Native Region: Confined to Blue Ridge Province, parts of the Ridge and Valley Province and the Cumberland Plateau

A vase-shaped fern with long, arching, lacy foliage, up to 10 inches long. Prefers the rocky soil of higher elevations and the cooler temperatures of a north-facing slope. Needs a site protected from prevailing winds. Tolerant of high humidity. Do not allow soil to dry out. Occurs naturally in moist, rocky woods or ravines and on edges of swamps.


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