Tennessee Smart Yards Native Plants

A comprehensive database of Tennessee native plants

Dark Green Bulrush, Black Bullrush

Dark Green Bulrush, Black Bullrush

Scirpus atrovirens

Full sun; wet to moderately wet moisture level; tolerates many kinds of soils including those containing clay, gravel, sand or abundant organic matter.   2-5 feet height, blooms midsummer, green and brown flowers, naturalizes by both creeping rhizomes and self-seeding and will form colonies if left undisturbed.

Germination Code:  C(60) or M, D

Native Region:  Statewide

Cool-season grower that is a wetland plant in Tennessee.  Easy to grow.  Leaves are grass-like but broad.  Leafy stems end in many spikelets that are crowded into dense, nearly spherical heads.  Forms a buffer against wind and wave action, allowing other aquatic plants to grow in an otherwise harsh environment.  Prefers some light shade in hot summer climates.  Provides important food and cover for waterfowl and songbirds.


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