Tennessee Smart Yards Native Plants

A comprehensive database of Tennessee native plants

Why Can’t I Buy Tennessee Native Plants…..or Can I?

 Asclepias incarnata


I have often complained that my local greenhouses sell very few plants native to Tennessee, and I hear my gardening friends make the same complaint.   I wonder how suppliers can ignore the beauty and benefits of our native grasses, flowers, trees and shrubs.  Perhaps if they knew our interest in these plants they would stock more?

At the same time, I have been working on the Tennessee Smart Yards Native Plant Database, slowly making my way through our many species of native plants.  Recently I decided it was time to update our count of total number of plants in the database, and I discovered that we now have 750 species!  To top it off, any plant in the database is there not only because it’s a Tennessee native but because it is for sale commercially!  Granted you will find very few of these plants for sale at your local greenhouse, but they are available from a wide variety of vendors online.  Who would have guessed that we have such an awesome wealth of opportunities to purchase our native plants!   I think I am going to have to stop complaining and start doing more buying.

Now is the perfect time to plan for spring plantings.  For your convenience,  I have included what we have found for online suppliers  (https://tynnativeplants.wordpress.com/buying-native-plants/) on our Buying Native Plants page.   Maybe local nurseries will start to take notice that these are desirable species.  Until then, use this resource as a way to incorporate more native plants into your landscape!


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