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What kind of Liatris can I grow in my garden?

I consider the Liatris species to be the royalty of the native wildflower world.  They are tough, beautiful and butterfly magnets.  However, I have always been kind of confused by the diversity of plants in this genus and by their very picky cultural needs.  Since I have never spent the time required to really study which ones grow where, I have been missing out on this great plant.

I spent some serious time researching the six species that are native to Tennessee and thought it would be fun to share the chart that I developed to help me select the right plants for my yard.

To start out, it is good to be aware that all the species have several things in common.  They are beautiful and easy to grow if you meet their needs.  They all need full sun to reach their potential.  Well-drained soil is a must.  You can start from seed fairly easily but generally plants are slow to establish, so you are better off buying plants.   The tall varieties are likely to need staking.  That said, here is my chart, and please be sure to post any observations or edits you have.


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